Yokna Bottoms



In 2009 Doug Davis has a vision.  A native of the American West, Doug has already moved to Oxford, Mississippi and he knew farming all around the United States.--particularly in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia and Oregon.  His ancestors were farmers.  And he knew that all around the country communities were now organizing themselves to create innovative community-sustained agricultural approaches to the human requirement for nutrition, energy and community.  He had a thought:  "Didn't Oxford, Mississippi deserve a local source for naturally grown produce that could be relied upon for its quality and abundanace while promoting community?

So in 2009, using only certified naturally produced standards--with no chemical added farming--Doug formed the Yokna Bottoms Farm south of Oxford, along the route to Water Valley and upon the ancient bottoms lands of, and directly adjacent to, the Yokna River itself.  In the years since, the Yokna growing fields respondent with abundance, fertility and authentic  heirloom produce.

Then--as now--the Farm's Vision was plain and ambitious:

  • Produce Local Food Using Only Sustainable Practices
  • Support Sustainable Agricultural Farms and Artisans in Oxford, Water Valley, and Through Out Mississippi
  • Serve as a Research Site for Developing Successful Agricultural Practices
  • Provide Education on the Proven Benefits of Local Food and Sustainable Growing
  • Facilitate Community through collective production, service and celebration.

So this is no ordinary farm as even the name "YOKNA"--and the Yokna Patawpha River Basin--were both here long before the Yokna community farm.  This farm seeks to draw on the best traditions of ancient growing practices while also bringing forward advancements in the quality of life in our community and in our group agriculture.

One way that Yokna Bottoms pursues its mission is through community share participation.  The community participates both in the risks and the rewards and adventure of weekly distribution of fresh, raw and honestly produced vegetables--a pledge that the Yokna farm delivers.

Won't you join us in this mission?

Your support and purchase of a share, and purchasing early in the crop year, helps us to plan reinvigorate and deliver on the Promise of Quality--that is what Yokna is truly all about!