Yokna Bottoms



know your Local farmer

Douglas R. Davis (Owner, Farmer), Ph.D

Doug is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership. His main areas of expertise and research are teacher assessment and professional development, the preparation of educational leaders, and history and philosophy of education. Dr. Davis has published in many educational journals and has presented at over fifty scholarly and professional conferences. He is currently the Editor of The Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education and is past president of the Society of Philosophy and History of Education. He was a public high school social studies teacher and coach in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for seven years.

In 2005, Doug purchased land outside of Oxford, MS with the hopes of developing it into a working farm, perhaps eventually a CSA venture with a focus on developing community through locally produced organic and sustainable agricultural practices. His dream and hard work have come true with Yokna Bottoms. 

Jeff Stone (Production Manager, Farmer)

Jeff got his start helping his grandparents on their farm, shelling peas and shucking corn. He's always gardened but he never truly started farming until he met Doug. Jeff initially helped him build a chicken coop in exchange for free vegetables. After that, he kept coming back to volunteer until Doug officially hired him two years ago. Now he runs the show with his green thumb.