2017 Share Prices

Full Share: $700



Half Share: $380



CSA Facts

A CSA is an organizational model that provides small local farmers, usually organic, a steady income while allowing the farmers to share the risks and rewards of small-scale food production. 

Distribution: The 2016 season will run from April – November.  We will offer two “Market-Style” distributions on Tuesdays at Oxford City Market and Saturdays at Midtown Farmers Market. The market style CSA share is much like a traditional CSA share, but it allows you to choose the amount and type of seasonal vegetables you want from those we harvested each week. We allocate point values (1 point is equivalent to $1 at market-value) to each vegetable based on the quality and quantity of those we harvested. We estimate that each full share member will receive roughly 25-30 points (dollars) to spend on produce each week. This guarantees you enough organic, locally grown produce to feed a family of 4 at approximately 75% of the market cost. 

Those purchasing full shares should make arrangements for themselves or someone in their place to pick up produce each week. Half Food-share holders will be able to pick up ½ a share weekly or a full share for any combination of 16 weeks. 

Angel Shares: If you would like to purchase an additional food-share to be donated at the farm’s discretion to a family in need, you will be able to do so when you check out. For a fraction of the cost of a full share, with the farm covering the difference, you can give a gift that is truly priceless this season. Healthy, nutritious food is often difficult to come by for those with financial difficulties and with your help we can make sure everyone in our community is eating healthy! If you know of anyone who may be in need of an angel food share, please contact joeyg@yoknabottoms.com. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you use a point system?

Why do you use a point system? Our goal is to distribute produce from the farm each week as equally as possible among food-share holders. The point system allows us to do this while saving the time and expense of dividing and packaging all shares prior to distribution. It also helps us to keep the spring and fall produce on ice and fresh in coolers. Finally, it allows the food-share holders the opportunity to select the produce they want.

What if I am unable to pick up my share during designated times during the week?

You will have two options: first, you may have someone else pick up your share for you (all they need to do is give us your name and we will record your pick up); or, you may make an appointment to pick up your share at the farm.

If I am unable to pick up or do not want to use my full points in a given week, may I retain my points for future use?

No, the point system is based on the produce available in a given week, if we allowed points to be saved or banked, we would have surplus food for distributions early in the season and the amount of food available for each food-share holder would be unfairly reduced later in the season. 

What if I am going to be away from Oxford for an extended period of time or if I relocate during the share season? 

Our first preference is for you to find someone who will use your share in your absence. If necessary, however, we will refund your food-share cost at the rate of $15 for each of the remaining pickups up for your food-share.


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