About us

Yokna Bottoms



Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm, LLC is a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm based in Oxford, Mississippi. It is run by community of individuals who work together to produce locally grown produce using sustainable agricultural practices. We provide seasonal fruits and vegetables at reasonable share and half-share prices. All of our food is certified naturally grown which means it's free of all chemical or artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO's. Through educational outreach programs, Yokna Bottoms is partnering with local schools from elementary to the university in its effort to make Mississippi a little bit more healthier, happier and cleaner.

Primarily, we use a market-style distribution which allows our shareholders to choose the vegetables they want each week. This ensures that all of our neighbors have access to nutritious, fresh produce, something we all need for good health. Non-members can also purchase our produce through the Oxford City Market and the Midtown Market.

Whether you are an individual, family, school or business, there are many ways to work with and support Yokna Bottoms! Join our CSA, purchase produce for your restaurant, visit us at the local farmer's markets, take a farm tour or come on out to one of our many fun events throughout the year!

Mission statement

The Goals of Yokna Bottoms Farm are to:

1. Produce local food using sustainable natural agricultural practices.

2. Support sustainable agricultural farmers and artisans in north Mississippi (farmers, farmers’ markets, and local businesses selling locally produced products).

3. Serve as a research site for learning and developing successful organic agricultural practices within north Mississippi’s ecosystem, climate, and soil zones.

4. Provide educational services on local food and sustainable agriculture.

5. Facilitate community life through cooperative production, service and celebration.